Accessories & Upgrades
PEAK Rotary Vise PRV-G2

All components are high quality stainless steel, hardened tool
steel, nylon, brass, and aircraft aluminum (the head link).

The powder coated steel base provides a stable work platform
as well as a convenient rounded edge pocket for beads,
hooks, etc. and includes a second hole for mounting an
optional Accessory Shaft (not shown).

A brass tipped set screw and provided Allen wrench allow the
vise to break down flat for travel.

The hardened jaws can hold hooks from 02 streamers down
to #24 midges.

The positive stop cam action allows repeatable gripping from
the first fly to the last.

Additional features include a height and length adjustable
bobbin rest, a quick change jaw, and infinitely adjustable
friction knob.

An optional saltwater or midge jaw can replace the standard
jaw in under two minutes.

The PRV-G2 carries a LIFE TIME warranty against defects in
materials and workmanship.

MSRP is only $149.95 and includes the base, bobbin rest and
standard jaws.
PEAK Rotary Vise PRVC-1

Same as the package above
except the pedestal base is
replaced by our PEAK
Clamp mount.
The D-Arm is a handy rotary handle that can
A 5/32" allen wrench is included to allow you
to position the D-Arm at the desired height
and secure it to the existing handle.

The photo to the right shows the D-Arm
attached to the PEAK Rotary Vise handle.

A happy customer, Sid D., brought this great
idea to our attention so his name will be
forever attached to this handy device.

The D-Arm, Arm-D, retails for $9.95.
screws of the PEAK
Rotary Vise can be
replaced using the brass
screw upgrade kit.

The 1/4-20 thumb screw
used to set the tension
on the rotary motion has
a nylon tip (seen on left)
so that the stainless
steel rotary shaft is not

The kit also includes a  
1/4-20 thumb screws for
the bobbin assembly
(seen on right).

The Brass Screw Kit,
BRS-1, retails for $14.95.
The Brass Screw Upgrade Kit
Profile Plate & Waste Catcher
Picture above are our new Waste Catcher and Profile Plate.  These are
two separate accessories that show up in the picture on the same vise.

The PEAK Profile Plate provides a perfect back ground for your fly while
tying.  The neutral color will provide a crisp view of your fly with no back
ground clutter.

The mount for the Profile Plate fits all 3/8" diameter vise risers or the
PEAK Accessory Shaft.  The part number is PRF-1, retails for $24.95
and is ready to ship today.

The PEAK Waste Catcher has our own unique round shape and white

The mount snaps onto any standard 3/8" diameter vise riser shaft or the
PEAK Accessory shaft.

Our Waste Catcher can be easily pulled off of the mounting bracket and
emptied without having to remove other accessories.

The Waste Catcher is part number WST-1, retails for $24.95 and is
ready to ship today.
Material Clip
The PEAK Material clip has
a unique horizontal design
that SECURELY traps
materials without

This clip attaches to any
standard 1/4" diameter
shaft like the one found on
the PEAK Rotary Vise.

Multiple clips can be used
at one time for those
complicated Atlantic
salmon flies.

Two springs are included
with each material clip to
cover a wide range of

The material clip is part
number CLP-M and has a
MSRP of $9.95.
The PEAK Accessory Shaft is a precision 3/8" diameter
ground stainless steel shaft.

This accessory allows the tyer to take items like lights,
magnifiers, hackle gages, back ground plates, etc. off the
main vise stem but keeps them close for continual use.

Compatible with the Pedestal Base or the PEAK Clamp.

The shaft is 4-3/8" long.

The part number is SFT-L for $8.95.
The PEAK Riser
The Riser is for those tyers that would like to
adjust the height of their vise using either a
Pedestal Base or the PEAK clamp.

The all brass body allows the adjustment you
need when the table or chair height does not
match your needs.

A brass tipped set screw, using the same
1/8" allen wrench used on the PEAK pedestal
any standard 3/8" riser while the lower
portion can be clamped in your standard 3/8"
hole in a pedestal base.
This is a great accessory
when you do not get to your
hotel or on river tying site.

The picture on the left
shows the riser on the
PEAK Clamp with the
optional Accessory Shaft in
the second Clamp hole.

With a retail price of only
$27.95, the Riser, RSR-1,
will give you the adjustment
you need when the table
height is lower than
The PEAK Clamp
The clamp will allow you to attach your PEAK Rotary Vise
or any other vise with a standard 3/8" diameter riser to
This clamp works on table tops from 11/16" up to 2-1/4"

The lower jaw can be removed, flipped over and
reassembled if you table top is very thin.

Our nice wide 1-1/2" format will give your vise a sturdy
mount on the road or at home.

A second hole has been added to allow you to use an
Accessory Shaft (see Accessories page).

At only 12 ounces, the PEAK Clamp will make your vise
a welcome traveling companion and with a retail price of
$39.95 you can get the CMP-1 to complement your
pedestal base.
I have been doing some of my tying on one of these lately to test them some
and it is a real pleasure to say this is a really fine vise and one what will last
and last! Great machine work done by Peak on this vise!
New From PEAK Fishing!
High Performance LED Powered Portable Fly Tying Light

* LED Light Source Runs Cool and Provides Up to 300 Lumens with Minimal
Power Consumption
* Full Color Spectrum Daylight White Light Source
* Bracket Mounts to PEAK's Accessory Shaft or any 3/8" Diameter Vise Stem
* 20" Flexible Neck Allows Optimal Positioning of Light Source
* Lightweight Construction for Ease of Transportation
* Mounting Bracket Incorporates Integral Tool Holder
* 120 Degree Lighting Angle Provides Lighting for Your Entire Tying Area
Property of PEAK Engineering and Automation DBA PEAK Fishing Copyright 2009, 2010, 2011 All Rights Reserved
Room Lighting Only
With PEAK LED Tying Light
Includes High Performance
LED Light Mounted on a
20" Flexible Neck, 120 V
Transformer and Lightweight
Mounting Bracket with
Integral Tool Holder
Lightweight Mounting
Bracket with Integral Tool
Holder, Mounts to Any 3/8"
Diameter Shaft such as
PEAK's Accessory Post or
Any of PEAK's Vise Shafts
*All PEAK Fishing products include a lifetime warranty against defects in
material or workmanship*
techniques and tips to help you maximize the
performance of your
Rotary Vise.  At the same time, you'll create 6
popular and
productive fly patterns, the Woolly Bugger, Griffith's
Gnat, Rusty
Spinner, Copper John, Dubbing Loop Leech, and
Price for the DVD is $19.95
PEAK Rotary Tying Tips DVD (DVD-1)