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"Texas Craw"
Christmas Jigs
Get your line stretched today!
Partridge, Guinea, &
Pheasant Feathers
Sickle Hook
Green Hornet
Bumble Bee W/ Black or Yellow Head
& Below the Newest version.
Eagle Claw Hook
Glow Jigs
Tomato Seed
Sparkle Jigs Below!
Disco Jigs
1/64 Oz. For a Tiny Jig
New Body Material Below!
"Electric Chicken" Options
Big Boy Sweetie
Pie Below
Below something for the top on
Double Rigs! Also Many more
Options available!
Ask About More
Options If
The Above chenille I have added more colors of this kind!
Colors are...FL Yellow with Blue Crystal; Orange &
Brown; White with Silver Crystal; Orange with Black
Crystal; Chartreuse with Purple Crystal; Red with Green
Crystal; Black with Lime Crystal; Green with Red
Crystal; Ginger with Gold Crystal; Olive with Silver
Crystal; White with Pearl Crystal.
Green & Yellow
Super Bug!
All Rights Reserved
Dubbed Body Jigs below don't last as
long, but can look great and work great!
The Wide tail jigs below are less than the side by side
type, but still working on the price, but will be less.
Here is an Sample of
Fox Tail Jigs with eyes
and flash Below!
New Electric Chicken Options!
This also made for
lower prices on these
Wide Tail jigs.
1/32 Oz Glow Jigs
If your looking for
something to use
with a minnow,
these to the left will
get the job done!
Also without eyes
for a little less!
Also more colors!