For you that have never fished with a jig here is a simple explanation of how to use them.
This is just for fishing over a brush pile. Casting, shooting docks or slow trolling also work
This first part is just for fishing over a brush pile.
Don't over work them, just let your jig down to the depth the fish are at or
just above them and just let it sit there. After a short time if no hit change
your depth a little at a time. You can lift your rod a small amount up and let
it fall back down slow to not lose the feel of the jig. You can also move
your rod tip a foot or two left or right and let the jig swing back to under
your rod tip. Just keep movement at a minimal amount and keep contact to
feel anything and everything. Even if it's the lost feeling of the weight of
the jig (if the fish picks up the jig and moves up a little) lift and set the
hook. Some time the hit will be very slight. If you still have any questions I
will try to answer to help.
Trolling in The Spring and Fall
Use a jig weight that will get down enough, but still not get hung up too much in the grass. Start
out with your line near casting distance out behind the boat and your troll motor about 30%( + -).
I usually stop moving forward if I get a good fish on and maybe even turn around to go to him
some if really big, but at least stop pulling until you get the fish in. I like the 1/16 oz. For this, but
in the Spring when they are shallow I will use a 1/32oz. Most to keep it from going deep wile still
pulling slow.
Casting also is good as long as you fish it slow.
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Shooting Docks
Hold the jigs in one hand pulling it until the rod bends wile keeping line from coming off the reel
with the other hand and like a bow and arrow. Shoot it under the dock by releasing the jig letting
the bent rod sling it for you then let it fall some, then reel slowly. Look for the hit all the time
especially on the fall.

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Here is a link to some video's from a CAT meeting that will not only go over some fishing  
techniques, but also how to store your rigs you tie up at home to keep them ready to use.
Jay Don Reeve gives a great presentation on these videos and he also sells my jigs on line
so be sure to check out
Good info on storing and using some types of rigs!

I am also trying to get all these above help tools updated and add
some additional info!

No way is this a complete “HOW TO”, but just a little helper!
If you have any questions just call or email me and I will try to help.
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