Get your line stretched today!
16 1/2" Crappie caught 6/16/2012 at night.
Was 2 1/2 pounds.
Couple of nice Crappie caught at night  on
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My Neighbor (Robert Brown) and I fishing
Sunday Feb. 3, 2013. 1/32 Oz Roadrunners
Chart/Blue/Chart. We had our limit of 50 and
only 3 or 4 of then under 11". Something
like 10-15 of them went 14"-16"! Below pics
Click pictures to make them larger!
Below My Wife Martha and I went
out Friday after she got off work  
and fished an hour, then Saturday
we went out a 9Am until noon.
few hours Friday and
Saturday Afternoon. (2/22/13
& 2/23/13) Total about 5
hours. All still on the little
Roadrunners in
Below is a nice mess caught fishing the
afternoons of 3/8/13 & 3/9/13. Also note we
had winds gusting to 30 MPH!
Another windy afternoon
on 3/2/13!
An Afternoon fishing by my
self, but had a lot of fun!
Tony and family from Ohio and a visit to
here on Toledo Bend this year of 2013!
Phil has been doing great!
Martin and friends have also done
well all on the little grey jig! Below
2/23/14 Robert Brown and I
got these 47 crappie All
caught on 1/32
Right are a couple
from 3/24/14 that I
caught. Didn't get a
lot as the wind was
really bad and they
were not biting all
that great either.
Homero has been killing the crappie, see below!
He's been having a great Nov. & Dec. 2014!