Caught at night 8/19/06
Caught at night 9/2/06
CrappieMaster's Catch Below
Feel the Thump With "Thump It Jigs"!
If there is a special color you don't see ask and I will try to get it for you!
Also if requested I can hand tie some jigs with hair tails. 3 Of these Pics
were from a short 2 hours fishing.
March 2007 Below
3/6/07 Still Deep
3/7/07 21' Water Depth
3/9/07 Some Deep and First
Fish Trolling This Year
First Crappie I caught in 2' Of water and I could
see them come up behind my Jig and eat it. It
was Great. Only 1 1/2 Hours out! 3/11/07!
Another 1 1/2 hours out before the
thunder came!  3/13/07
Nice One From Mark
you need a great
crappie guide on Toledo
Bend! See Links Page!
3/25/07 in 7'-11' of water trolling a Black/Black FL.
Yellow 1/16 oz, Jig.
Went down to the bank in my yard and in
about 1 hour picked these up in 12'-18" of
water 3/14/08. Got a few more the next day,
but no pics.
one hour and then another 1 1/2
Had a good later afternoon about
hours the next morning. Shame I
could have been better!
Went out with my neighbor
Bob in the late afternoon.
My Wife and I went out a got a few
this week too with the biggest at 1
Looks Like a great day
fishing for Gary Owen of
like they have some size
Good Looking Slabs Gary!
June 2008
The 3 Pics above are from 3 different days this week. I
was using jig on the bottom and a minnow up above
that. As usual the biggest fish all week came on the jig.
It was a 1/8oz. FL Yellow/Purple Crystal Antron/FL
Yellow Marabou tail. The biggest one was 1 Pond 14 OZ.
& 15 1/2".
caught. First pic was 7/17/08 & then 7/18/08.
Well it looks like Don's Blue/Blue/Blue is doing just fine!
A Couple of really fat 14"
Crappie From 10/3/2008!
Caught on.... Silver/Blue/
White & Blue Crosscut
Rabbit strips for the tail.
My Wife got this big 19"
Crappie a few years
back. Long Line Trolling!
2009 has been slow and I have not been much yet, but
have got a few nice ones from the Feb. 15th in the
afternoon for a couple hours. 3 over 13" smallest was
12" on right picture.

Then this afternoon in what I thought may be a
hurricane as it was blowing so hard. Had one 14 3/4"
and 2 over 12". Big one was just under 2 pounds.
Gary is starting the year off right. (3/15/2009) Just
want to thank Gary for sending me the pictures &
being a great customer! He told me there is 60 in that
Live well.
My Neighbor (Bob) and I had
a pretty good couple of hours
3/7/2009. Couldn't stay long
though as we both had things
to do.
Looks like Ashley & Clay had some really nice
Above picture from 3/29/09:
Caught these 13 crappie and nice bass Sunday.
Didn't figure it would be worth a hoot after this big
front that passed thru but the high pressure doesn't
move in until tomorrow so I guess that's why we
caught these. Anyways, just letting you know we
caught all of these on your jigs. Thanks, Clay
Well Gary is still
pulling them in and
Roadrunners I tied for
him. Nice looking mess
of crappie here huh?
These were caught in
mid April 2009!
Leslie fishing with
Gary is holding this
beauty of a crappie
coming in at 2 1/2
Above... It looks like David and son have been
doing well catching the crappie this year (2009).
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Below & to the right Clay & Ashley are still getting
after them and I believe these were caught
8/28/2009 & the morning of 8/29/2009.
Note from Clay...
Well my friend, definitely going to say that the last
order of jigs I got from you have worked
unbelievably. I have been working so much lately
and the weather around here as just plain ole
sucked so the fishing has been to a minimum, we
had a low pressure front move in last night. This
morning me and Ashley caught 31 slabs. She was
using your new wild jigs (which by the way look
freaking awesome) and I was using some of the
really bright jigs I had you tie in my last order. Hands
down these bright jigs are my favorite thus far and I
will be ordering more very soon,
tomorrow of the ones we caught this evening and
the ones we catch in the morning!
What kind of jigs caught
these?? See below.
Above looks like Joe B. Had
a great 2 hour outing and a
really nice mess of Crappie!
20 Minutes off my bank
today 3/16/2010. Smallest
was 14"
Fished Friday and Saturday
Morning for these and 13 others
that another guy took home.
3/27/2011 Photo taken.
Well Scott is having a great Fall fishing for
crappie. He said the Pink and Chartreuse
kip tail jigs got these crappie. They got 41
this trip. See pick below.!