Welcome to my site and thank You for looking!
Please notice you will not see any advertising of other web sites, no pop-ups,
no search windows and I did this so you wouldn't have to have all that stuff in
you face when looking at my jigs. I could pay for my site with banners and ads,
but that is not what I wanted to offer & I know that is not what you came here
Get your line stretched today!
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Panfish/Bream Jigs & Flies & Check Page for
The Wasp
I have a lot of Rabbit and most colors in both Zonker & Crosscut
strips. This stuff moves great in the water and offers lots of action.
I have been taking
some pictures
showing the
Fluorescent colors so
here are a few of
them, Below.
I have several different ways you can get UV

Jig heads paint can have UV added to them
by dipping the painted head into the UV
Powder Paint at or just after you dip in paint.

If you want to Paint some of your jig heads
that you already bought I can sell you a small
bottle that you can coat them your self and
it's a permanent coating.

If you fish soft plastics I have some Dip you
can buy that all you do is dip your soft
plastic bait in and it will then be UV!
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New combined Skirt and Feather Tails!!! These are just a few samples and I
have more colors.
Soon I will be adding some
crappie size spinner baits Like
Little Stingers! More
colors available!
Below are some with
no weight & can be
fished with a minnow!
This one below is what my friends & I
catch a lot of crappie on in the spring
every year, long lining!
Above are 5 of
my favorites!
I am working on getting this site ready for materials
for tying. All pictures are just for examples.

So site is under construction!